WIJ. (WE.)

WIJ. (Dutch for WE.) examines the interaction with a computer system and privacy in the public space of the Grote Markt. Are visitors aware of their privacy on this camera-monitored part of the city center? Are they willing to let their way be determined by a security system? Who controls our privacy? Visitors to the MARKER art manifestation could find their own answer to this.


WIJ. becomes clearly visible when the security camera detects a specific person on the market. The camera zooms in on this person and the portrait is displayed on a large monitor next to the surveillance camera. The visitor pauses to view himself on the monitor. At that moment the text appears: “Attention! You are too long at the same spot! ” and then, after a few seconds: “The system starts recording in 3 seconds”

If you walk away, it stops there. But if you stop… .. a suspicious situation arises and a picture is taken of you. Your portrait, provided with a privacy bar, is shown. And not only on the screen next to the surveillance camera. No, you also appear on a large LED screen on a building nearby.

You can also find your portrait on a large billboard later in the day. Here slowly but surely a group portrait of all registered visitors emerges.