Nou&Herkauw originated in 2005 as VJ performance in response to the standard VJ performances we gave as Snow in several clubs and events. The design proces of the visuals mainly took place in the studio. With Nou&Herkauw we developed a VJ performance that started without any footage or other visual material and everything was created on the spot throughout the performance. In the beginning we invited friendly artists and designers to co-create during the vj-set, but as the concept started to evolve the public of the event more and more got involved as participant and creator. The performance transformed to an open studio in the middle of the crowd where artist and spectator collectively created a VJ performance.

Today Nou&Herkauw develops games, interactive installations, and workshops, mainly for children. Hereby we still use the same principles. An idea must be feasible immediately and the used technology works simple and intuitive. Often we start the creative process in the tangible world to subsequently transform it to the digital world. What starts with drawing, cutting and glueing, building, evolves to a digital art work, such as an animation film, vj-performance, or interactive game.

Visit the Nou&Herkauw site for more information and much more video’s en photos.

Here you can watch the video of the first veejay performance by Nou&Herkauw.

Nou&Herkauw did workshops at Ajyal Film Festival (Qatar), Cinekid (Amsterdam, Groningen), Internationaal Rotterdam Film Festival, Noorderzon (Groningen). And showed her visuals at: Tampere Art Factory (Letland), Npox Festival (Beeld & Geluid, Hilversum), Picnic (Westergas, Amsterdam), Dutch Bloggies Awards 2011 (Paard van Troje, Den Haag), Spin Awards 2010 (Westergas, Amsterdam) en Viva la Focus (Images, Groningen).