Noottocht is music theatre play for kids, and result of an inspiring collaboration between the PeerGrouP and the NNO (Northern Dutch Orchestra) in May and June 2010.
The theatrical concert tells an extraordinary adventure of the music composer Geuterbach. Geuterbach suffers a terrible writers block ever since is wife died. He isn’t able to compose a single score, and he changed in a very moody, grumbling, lonely man. After he rejected an invitation to write the opening score for the Viennese Competition, he falls asleep and in his dream the portrait of his wife gets stolen by two flying flutes. This is the start of a magical journey into the enchanted forest of the orchestra.

The play is performed by actor Rogier in ‘t Hout, puppeteer (and maker) Siem van Leeuwen and his puppets, and the director and all his musicians(about 60) of the orchestra. The stage and theatrical design was developed by Sjoerd Wagenaar. We were asked to develop a video concept to visualize Geuterbach’s dream and the forest of the orchestra.

Music: het Noord Nederlands Orkest
Actor: Rogier in ’t Hout
Puppeteer: Siem van Leeuwen
Video: Snow i.s.m. Richard Toepoel en Egmar Irausquin
Text and dramaturgy: Fenneke Wekker,
Director: Floris van Delft
Musical concept: Marcel Mandos,
Theatrical concept: Sjoerd Wagenaar
Stage Nico Wijnberg
Production: Hans Boven en Nienke Dijkstra